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1. China’s game market spikes in Q1 despite COVID-19 hit

The gaming industry is among the few industries immune to COVID-19, as China’s game market saw revenue exceed 73.2 billion yuan in the first quarter (Q1), surging over 25 percent quarter on quarter, an industry report said.

The solid growth came after the unprecedented outbreak forced millions of people to stay at home, according to a report jointly released by the Game Publishing Committee of China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association and global market research firm International Data Corporation.

The report noted that the mobile game market saw a visible surge in Q1, with the revenue swelling 46.25 percent year on year to 55.37 billion yuan. (Xinhua)


近日,中国音数协游戏工委与国际数据公司共同发布《2020 年度第一季度中国游戏产业报告》。报告提到,受新冠肺炎疫情的影响,在春节假期及其后的一段时间内,人们的主要活动以居家休闲为主,中国游戏产业实际销售收入实现快速增长,达到732亿元,环比增长25.22%。


2. Boris Johnson returns to face growing virus divisions in UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is returning to work after recovering from a COVID-19 infection that put him in intensive care, with his government facing growing criticism over the deaths and disruption the virus has caused.

Johnson’s office said he would be back at his desk in 10 Downing St. on Monday, two weeks after he was released from a London hospital.

While he convalesced, Britain’s coronavirus death toll has mounted, with another 413 virus-related deaths announced Sunday.

Opposition politicians say Britain’s death toll could have been lower if Johnson’s Conservative government had imposed a nationwide lockdown sooner. (AP)

英国首相约翰逊重回首相之位 但面临抗疫不利指责




3. Some 100 people arrested a day in London for domestic violence during coronavirus lockdown

In the six weeks up to April 19, officers across London had made 4,093 arrests for domestic abuse offenses — nearly 100 a day on average — and domestic abuse calls have risen by around a third in the last six weeks, the Metropolitan Police (the Met) has revealed.

Domestic incidents have seen a nine percent “increase” between March 9 and April 19, said the Met Police.

“The COVID-19 restrictions and ‘stay at home’ instruction is vital to managing this public health crisis, but unfortunately, it has also left current and potential victims of domestic abuse even more vulnerable and isolated,” said police. (Xinhua)

伦敦封城期间家暴增多 警方每日逮捕100余人




4. A flood of US business bankruptcies likely in coming months

The billions of dollars in coronavirus relief targeted at small US businesses may not prevent many of them from ending up in bankruptcy court.

Business filings under Chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy law rose sharply in March, and attorneys who work with struggling companies are seeing signs that more owners are contemplating the possibility of bankruptcy.

Companies forced to close or curtail business due to government attempts to stop the virus’s spread have mounting debts and uncertain prospects for returning to normal operations. Even those owners receiving emergency loans and grants aren’t sure that help will be enough. (AP)





5. Spain’s kids get freedom from lockdown

Spain’s government lifted a home confinement rule for children under 14 years old after 44 days on Sunday, ending one of the most restrictive measures of national lockdown in the European country.

Spain’s 5.8 million children under 14 years old are now allowed to take walks once a day, accompanied by a parent for up to one hour and within a kilometer of home.

Kids can take one toy with them, but they are not to play with other children. Authorities recommend that both parents and children wash their hands before and after outings. (AP)

西班牙放宽疫情隔离措施 14以下儿童获准外出


根据规定,14岁及以下年龄孩子可在大人陪伴下每天户外玩耍1小时,范围在离家1公里以内。孩子们可以携带玩具上街,但不能与其他孩子一起玩耍。 西班牙卫生部门还建议孩子和家长们在出门前后要洗手。

6. FIFA to release $150 million to members to mitigate COVID-19 impact

Football’s world governing body FIFA will release all operational funding due to member associations for 2019 and 2020 as the first step of a relief plan to mitigate the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

A statement released by FIFA on Friday said it would release about $150 million to be shared among the 211 national football associations globally. (CGTN)




7. Venezuelan oil price falls to the lowest level in 20 years

The price of Venezuelan oil has fallen to below $10 a barrel – its lowest level in more than two decades, the government said on Friday.

The oil ministry said the price between Monday and Friday was $9.90 a barrel – a level that has not been seen since 1998 when it was $9.28.

Venezuela is almost entirely dependent on its oil revenues, which account for around 96 percent of its income. (CGTN)





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Who was the first man to reach the South Pole?

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Today’s quote is from English scientist Charles Darwin (1809-1882).

“The very essence of instinct is that it’s followed independently of reason.”

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